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Custom Pieces


Dr. Bennett is THE choice to customize something special for you in sterling silver and other beautiful base or accentuating metals! Whether interested in a specific stone or gem centerpiece or something from your own collection you may wish to have made into wearable art (such as lava rock, sea glass, or a stone from an outdated design). You can be assured to receive professional and customer-centered service and know you’ll love your high-quality, one-of-a kind, handmade piece!

Enjoy custom/commissioned designs, which include:

  • customized to a client’s specific vision – staring with a customer’s ideas, including the desired shape/size, look/feel, metals/stones, style, level of embellishment, etc. I would love to work with you to design your ideal piece!
  • incorporating a client’s unique treasures into a customized jewelry design’s centerpiece – crafting creative, yet classic jewelry using a client’s existing centerpiece – or – non-traditional collectibles, such as those picked up while traveling: lava rock, sea glass, beach shell.
  • bringing to life a piece in the likeness of – although each piece is unique, I can craft a similar piece in the likeness of another, such as a client’s recent custom bolo tie order like the actor Colin Farrell’s character wore in season 2 of HBO’s True Detective.

What Customers Say

"John and his daughter, Beth, were incredibly accommodating during the entire exchange of custom-making my handsome bolo tie. Although our exchange was held entirely online, their thoroughness and commitment to detail were as reassuring as though I was actually there every step of the way. John is a craftsman with the precision and professionalism I assume he acquired during his career as a dentist. He is passionate about his jewelry and it shows in the finished product. He wants his customers to be satisfied above all else and goes that extra distance to ensure just that. Your satisfaction and jewelry are in good hands with John. The piece he will craft for you will attract admiration, spark conversations, and stand the test of time."
Madison Vassari

Dr. John T. Bennett

An unexpected beginning…

I actually spent the first 50 years of my career as a dentist. I had an interest in biology, medicine, and working with my hands. Helping people and taking care of my family has always been my priority. Dentistry in itself is an art form that requires attention to detail, patience, precision, and a strong focus on aesthetics as well as long hours in the dental laboratory working with a variety of tooling, metals, and more. When I wasn’t helping my patients improve their smile, I found a love and hobby for creating with metals and precious stones. As it often does, time passed and I was ready to retire from my first career, which gave me the opportunity to transition into jewelry design full-time. Several years ago I then embarked upon an apprenticeship under a local master jeweler, Joe Madrid in Ruidoso New Mexico, and have honed my craftsmanship into a thriving and creative jewelry design business ever since. I’ve found it a natural and rewarding transition – from cosmetic dentist, creating beautiful life-changing smiles to jewelry artisan/master craftsman where “Thunderbird Origins Jewelry” has come to life!

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So, why a “Thunderbird”?

 Its more than just part of the local New Mexico Southwest/American Indian culture. I had a fond childhood experience, which I recall vividly, when visiting Ruidoso for the first time. On a family trip from West Texas, my parents saw their little boy staring wide-eyed at a Silver Belt Buckle inside a local artisan shop. They realized how fascinated I was with the Thunderbird design with a single Turquoise eye, and bought it for me right then. The Thunderbird belt buckle was something I wore proudly and quietly appreciated its artistry-an early insight into my future creative desire. I make some of my own Thunderbird pieces, and as I felt a such a strong connection to my childhood belt buckle experience, I’ve included it in my business name – Thunderbird Origins.